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    Indian authorities on Sunday completed rescue operations after the country's deadliest rail crash in more than two decades, with signal failure emerging as the likely cause of an accident that killed at least 275 people.


    Restrictions in Hong Kong have stifled what were once the largest vigils marking the anniversary of the bloody crackdown by Chinese troops on pro-democracy demonstrators.

  3. Royal Visit 20160922

    A play premiering at Ontario's Stratford Festival is set against the anticipation of a royal visit by the late Diana, Princess of Wales, to Canada's first free-standing AIDS hospice. The work explores the potential to overcome alienation, the power of kindness and finding dignity in death.

  4. Asia Defense

    China's defence minister defended sailing a warship across the path of an American destroyer and Canadian frigate transiting the Taiwan Strait, telling a gathering of some of the world's top defence officials in Singapore on Sunday that such so-called "freedom of navigation" patrols are a provocation to China.

  5. Poppers Alkyl Nitrites

    It’s not unusual for the packaging of one product to resemble that of another, potentially leading to mix-ups. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned people who drink energy shots to make sure they’re not accidentally chugging a bottle of poppers — or they might end up sick or dead.