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  1. Several people are shown in the bed of a truck being driven down a road.

    The federal NDP and the Bloc Québécois are calling on the Trudeau government to impose sanctions on Azerbaijan in response to its military incursion into Nagorno Karabakh last week — an event that has driven close to 30,000 of the disputed enclave's ethnic Armenians to neighbouring Armenia.

  2. Climate activists protest fossil fuel use.

    The idea that fossil fuels are largely responsible for climate change made its way through New York City last week, as the United Nations General Assembly, the UN Climate Ambition Summit and NYC Climate Week collectively drew in thousands of participants. But it wasn't only written on protest placards. 

  3. A man in an Orioles jersey throws a pitch.

    Hall of Fame third baseman Brooks Robinson, whose deft glovework and folksy manner made him one of the most beloved and accomplished athletes in Baltimore history, has died. He was 86.

  4. A man in ceremonial robes stands with his head bowed in front of an ornate chair. There is a Canadian flag to his right.

    It's messy days in world affairs. Now Canada has egg on its face. Ottawa has drawn a deluge of international criticism in its second foreign-affairs crisis in a week.

  5. During a campaign stop at a gun shop, former U.S president Donald Trump said he wanted to buy a handgun with his face on it. Andrew Chang explains why buying, or even receiving, a gun could land him in deep trouble.