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  1. Destroyed car seen on the French island of Corsica, after a tree fell on it

    Violent thunderstorms and hurricane-force winds left at least eight people dead in France and Italy on Thursday, uprooting trees in Tuscany and on the French island of Corsica and ripping away brick shards from St. Mark's famed bell tower in Venice. Over 100 boats in the Mediterranean Sea called for emergency help, authorities said.

  2. Trump FBI

    A U.S. judge on Thursday said he is leaning toward releasing some of the evidence presented by the U.S. Justice Department to justify its search of Donald Trump's Florida home last week, in a case pitting news organizations against federal prosecutors.

  3. Rockets launched from Russia's Belgorod region, as seen from Ukraine

    The United Nations chief and the presidents of Turkey and Ukraine discussed ways on Thursday to end Kyiv's conflict with Russia and secure Europe's largest nuclear power station, which has come under shelling at the front lines.

  4. Salman Rushdie Assault

    A judge refused to grant bail Thursday to the man accused of trying to kill Salman Rushdie as the acclaimed author prepared to give a talk in western New York.

  5. Saudi Arabia Twitter Imprisonment

    Activists and lawyers consider the 34-year sentence against Salma al-Shehab, a mother of two and a researcher at Leeds University in Britain, shocking compared to other rulings in Saudi Arabia for similar offences​​​​​​​.