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  1. Virus Outbreak Spain

    Almost two years after a tight lockdown, Spain is preparing to adopt a different COVID-19 playbook. With one of Europe's highest vaccination rates and one of its most pandemic-battered economies, the government is laying the groundwork to treat the next infection surge not as an emergency but an illness that is here to stay.

  2. 1237850315

    Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly says Canada will join allies in imposing severe sanctions on Russian officials if the country takes further military action to compromise Ukrainian sovereignty.

  3. Doomsday Clock 2022

    The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists revealed their annual Doomsday Clock announcement, leaving the hands of the metaphorical clock the closest to midnight in its 75-year history.

  4. Cuba Attacks The Medical Investigation

    The CIA believes it is unlikely that Russia or another foreign adversary is using microwaves or other forms of directed energy to attack hundreds of American officials who attribute symptoms associated with brain injuries to what's come to be known as Havana syndrome

  5. ivanka trump

    The U.S. House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection is asking Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former president Donald Trump, to voluntarily co-operate with its probe.