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    U.S. President Donald Trump raised hopes at the United Nations on Monday that a second meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong-un could occur "quite soon," striking a conciliatory tone one year after he used his debut at the UN to deride the autocrat as "Little Rocket Man."


    At least seven licensed Canadian cannabis producers have set up shop in Colombia, investing more than $100 million in the conflict-hit country that has become a new frontier in the legal marijuana business.

  3. Supreme Court Kavanaugh

    Republicans are mounting a combative, co-ordinated drive to salvage Brett Kavanaugh's U.S. Supreme Court nomination as they fight to keep a second woman's allegation of long-ago sexual misconduct from derailing his confirmation.

  4. Cameroon execution video still

    When the grisly video first emerged of two women and two children being executed at point-blank range by what appeared to be Cameroonian soldiers, the Cameroon government called it "fake news."

  5. Trump Rosenstein

    U.S. deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein remained on the job Monday despite U.S. media reports he would quit or be fired ahead of a White House visit, but speculation is likely to remain high given a scheduled meeting with President Donald Trump on Thursday.