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  1. Police officer standing near site of drone attack in Rzhyshchiv, Ukraine

    Russia blasted an apartment block in Ukraine with missiles on Wednesday and swarmed cities with drone attacks overnight in a display of force, as Russian President Vladimir Putin bid farewell to his visiting "dear friend" and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

  2. Trump Wrestling

    While the immediate focus is on a potential, historic indictment of Donald Trump in a hush-money case that took place before he became president in 2016, he also faces a civil trial next month, as well as possible consequence in other cases that are progressing.


    Ramadan is a holy time for Muslims around the world. From sundown on March 22 until sunrise on April 20, worshippers deepen their relationship with God through prayer, reflection and charity.

  4. Jet suit inventor foresees international races on the horizon

    Richard Browning, the inventor of the jet suit, says he has plans to create an International Race Series, with celebrities and sports personalities donning the unique flight gear to race through a slalom-style course over water.

  5. Uganda Anti-LGBTQ Law MP John Musira

    Members of Uganda's LGBTQ community are in shock and fear being arrested after parliament passed a new law that makes it a crime to identify as gay, and imposes tough sentences that include the death penalty in certain cases, an activist said on Wednesday.