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Hallie Mavis


News Feed

  1. New Zealand volcano eruption floral tributes

    Five people are dead and eight are unaccounted for after a volcanic island in New Zealand erupted Monday. Recovery teams still aren't able to access the island amid concerns about safety.

  2. jeremy corbyn and youth

    As the U.K. election looms, the issue of Brexit has increased interest in the Labour Party among the under-30 set. It's not just Brexit that has engaged younger voters but also the party's policies to address inequality.

  3. Trump Impeachment

    U.S. House Democratic leaders preparing articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump are expected to announce next steps early Tuesday, lawmakers said.


    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky agreed Monday to commit to a full and comprehensive implementation of a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine before the end of 2019, according to a joint communique.

  5. Question Period 20191209

    The long wait for ratification of the revised North American trade agreement appears to be over, with word that congressional Democrats and an influential U.S. labour leader are satisfied with the text of changes proposed by Donald Trump's trade representative.